Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A day that was great for ducks, but not my mood.

I ended up this morning coming home with a new plant Rhipsalis baccifera ssp. horrida, which despite its name, has nothing to do with horrid. Its just a small round Rhip, that I scored at Home Depot. Later in the day I went to my den of iniquity, "The Indoor Sun Shoppe" and hunted around for Dyna-Grow K-L-N Concentrate and split home, I read many place on the web that I should use this when moving plants over to Hydoton. So then I got ready and moved this morning's find and my H.  salicornioides to Hydroton. KLN has trace amounts of NPK and Vitamin B1 according to the label, but what the heck. Bottle said 1 tablespoon per gallon in the Hydroton soaking solution, and then 1 tsp per gallon in a solution for soaking the roots.

Man, these were tough to get potting soil out of their roots. It was soak (in a non KLN solution) and pick, got the 'horrida' pretty clean, but the salicornioides was not going to let go of some, so I left it there. Then I took the soaking solution and watered all the other plants on Hydroton with it so maybe they get over the shock, my first trial was an interesting bunch and I still wonder what they are thinking on the new substrate: Massonia depressa,  Hippeastrum reticulatum var. striatifolium and  Drimia harworthoides. The Drimia, and Hippe seem to be doing the same old thing, but the Massonia has kept its leaves vertical, not dropping them to the ground as it should. I hope the KLN helps these or they go back on soil. All but the Hippe are desert growing bulbs the Massonia had just done 8 undisturbed months in a pot with dry soil.

Massonia are a very cool species, as the put out 2 big leaves and have a large flower that is eaten by hamsters, which pollinate the species. The Hippe is actually the genus for the cultivated Amaryllis but reticulatum var. striatifolium is a collectors prize, I bought one from a show, with an offset, and found the other in some Freesia laxa that were wintering in the garage.

I have decided to try growing hybrid Amaryllis this year, along with Paperwhite Narcissus. The Narcissus are growing like crazy, even though they were potted up just last week, must be 6" tall right now. 2 of the Amaryllis are from Nursery stock where I paid a good price,   "Black Pearl" and  "Blossom Peacock". "Minerva" was my 3rd plant and bought at Home Depot for $4.99. Both Black Pearl and Minerva are growing strong with Black Pearl showing 3? bloom shoots, Minerva is just showing one. Oh and Minerva is the smallest of the bulbs by far. Blossom Peacock has had trouble starting as its top leaves were cut too low and is finally showing some green in its leaves. So maybe I will have some color this winter after all.

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