Thursday, January 13, 2011

More on Schlumbergera "Wintermarchen"

A white bud. Around are fading flowers.
I posted a pretty low grade picture of this plant in the past. It is probably the oldest single plant in my possession, and has the most beautiful blooms, white buds that open to reveal a long 3" pale pink flower that is near transparent, when it fades and dies it is like wet silk to remove.

Close up of flowers
This has to be one of the most unusual flowers on a Schlumbergia I have ever seen, and I just offer these to show this plant to others.

More flowers up close.

still more.
"Wintermarchen" is the name that I got from a book on Schlumbergia hybrids, so it may not be correct, but my work, I am pretty darn sure of its name.

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